How To Find A Local Social Escort In Singapore?

Are you a man who’s desperately looking for a true, blue Singaporean social escort girl? Are you tired of ordering escort services promising a local Singaporean girl but end up with a ugly and fat lady from one of the neighbouring South East Asian countries like Vietnam or Thailand? Have you been cheated by ads on Craiglist or Skokka where NONE of the girls look like the advertised photographs? Then read on.

This article shows tips to help you find a guaranteed local Singaporean girl. If you are starting to despair and think that local social escort don’t exist, you are IN luck, because I am here to share with you by exact secrets how I have managed to find local Singaporean girls to date!

Most men in Singapore and tourists or expatriates to Singapore want to date a Singaporean social escort. Young Singaporean girls are very attractive to men all around the world.

So how do you date a local social escort in Singapore?

The answer to finding a local girl is actually far simpler than you may suspect despite how hard it may feel.

Look, I got this Twitter page of a legitimate, local social escort agency which specializes in local Singaporean girls.

How did you think I was able to find them so quickly?

The easiest way is to simply only search for registered social escort agencies in Singapore. All registered social escort agencies must only hire Singaporean ladies or women with permanent residences in Singapore.

Tada! Oops, now the cat is out of the bag.

Yes, the simplest and guaranteed way to engage a local social escort is to find a local agency, and not independents. Independents have a 99% chance of posting a fake photo online. There are literally no local independent escorts when it comes to Singapore. Most are Vietnamese, Thailand or such girls posing as locals. Most are cheats. Singaporean girls are very privacy conscious, and would gladly work as an escort but definitely want to hide behind the privacy of an agency.

Is there a registry of such agencies? Unfortunately there isn’t. But thankfully, there is Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. A quick search on any of them will quickly bring up agencies’ websites. From there on, check if they have a registered company number (known as registered Unique Entity Number in Singapore). If they do, it means they are a legal and registered company. Engage their services only, and you are literally guaranteed to meet a local Singaporean lady!

Best Dating Spots In Singapore?

Where are some of the best locations a couple can go to in Singapore? With so many noisy and rowdy HDB areas all around Singapore, it truly feels there’s no private getaway in Singapore. However, in reality, there is. It’s just that it’s only privy to those who are in the look out for it.

First of all, Resorts World Sentosa is one of the best places in Singapore you can bring a date too if you want a combination of everything. Resorts World Sentosa has Universal Studios next to it, where you can enjoy thrilling rides. It also has a casino for those gamblers. It also has tons of food places and bars for you to chill out at. It’s all within a few hundred metres of each other, and most places are sheltered, so it’s the perfect location if you want to impress a date!

Second of all, Clarke Quay is a hot spot for clubbers and drinkers. For the couples and men who love drinking beer and some good alcohol, there are many bars along Clarke Quay. Additionally, there usually are also live bands e.t.c., which makes things much more exciting. There’s also one more exciting thing you can do there – if you and your partner feel like it, some of Singapore’s very famous nightclubs are simply a stone’s throw away!!

Third of all, you can try going to Downtown East. Although it’s set in the extreme outskirts of Singapore, there are lots of cute couple activities you can do there. With the newly renovated and much larger Wild Wild Wet, bowling alleys and cinemas, there’s lots of activities you can do there if you are a young couple. They also recently renovated their resorts and you can book a room to stay there if you want a staycation too.

Anyway, if you are reading this and you’re not a local but an expatriate and need a local girlfriend experience to truly enjoy my above suggestions, then check out the local social escort agencies for a no strings attached relationship! They provide female companions.

Singapore Nightlife Tips – 3 Ways To Enjoy Yourself

As a visiting expatriate or tourist to Singapore, you will definitely be interested in knowing what you can do in Singapore during your relaxation periods, and here are 3 of the very best ways to entertain and relax in Singapore.

First of all, going to the local casinos is definitely a great choice. Singapore has two casinos, one on Sentosa Island and is known as Resorts World Sentosa which is operated by Genting, while the other is at Marina Bay Sands, and is operated by Las Vegas Sands group. Due to Singapore’s status as a highly popular investment and business hub in the world, which has also attracted the likes of Facebook billionaire Eduardo Saverin, there are lots of high rollers in the local casinos in Singapore, and they are definitely great places to frequent if you belong to that group too.

Second of all, another popular way to entertain yourself in Singapore is to enjoy dating a local Singaporean girl without the hassles. How do you do this if you are in Singapore for only a few days though? Easy. Get a local Singaporean escort girl and you are done. Yes, there are tons of dodgy Vietnamese, Indonesian girls at redlight district Geylang, but that is not the right kind of entertainment for the discerning gentlemen like you and it is simply below you to frequent those places. A man of high standing should simply engage a Singaporean escort girl, go out with her anywhere e.g. to the Singapore Flyer or even Fullerton Hotel and get the girlfriend experience that way rather than squeezing with creepy old and poor men in Geylang, which frankly, is quite a gross place.

Third of all, another really great and legitimate way to enjoy yourself in Singapore is to actually go and enjoy yourself with the savouring and salivating-inducing food in Singapore! Food in Singapore is relatively inexpensive, and you can get a lot of food for a few bucks in Singapore. That is the reason why some locals say that Singaporean’s favourite past time and hobby is eating! From hawker centres to top Michellin star restaurants in 5 star hotels, you have everything to enjoy and more.

Are Young Singaporean Girls Materialistic?

It is generally well known that ‘city girls’ are more materialistic in nature than ‘village girls’, and the reason for that is because of the more expensive standard of living in places such as Singapore, as well as the high numbers of competitors (other men) competing for the same women. This is even more so the case for gorgeous women.

However, that’s the general consensus, but is it really true in Singapore as well? Are younger Singaporean girls very materialistic? Let us take a deeper look into this issue.

1. Do Singaporean girls really need their boyfriends to have the 5 Cs, namely, cash, condo, credit card, car and country club membership? The truth is, that’s just a saying. If you look around, most men in Singapore don’t have all 5 of those things. This means that their wives probably don’t care about those. However, if you want a really pretty wife, you better get at LEAST all 5 Cs.

2. Do Singapore girls want to be ‘tai tais’? Yes, the truth is that, every woman in Singapore wants to be a tai tai. Whether or not she can be one is a different issue altogether, as not every woman in Singapore is capable of snagging a rich man to take care of her and her lifestyle. Of course, the gorgeous ones have no problems doing so, but tough luck for the rest.

3. Many girls in Singapore actually want to be sugar babies. ‘Tai tais’ are just the wife versions of sugar babies. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a sugar baby or tai tai, after all, who doesn’t want to make more money easily when you are beautiful? I can’t blame those girls, it’s their life, their choice. None of yours or my business. If they are beautiful enough to be social escort models or sugar babies, more power to them! They deserve to be paid for their beauty. Of course, if you’re looking to date a beautiful woman in Singapore, you can book a social escort from

In conclusion, I will say that most average looking and average qualities women in Singapore are actually not materialistic. However, the prettier they are, generally speaking, the more materialistic they get. However, this is definitely the case in most cities around the world – it’s simply supply and demand. Basic economics.

What do you think? Or are you triggered by my thoughts above? Let me know in the comments section below!

Interview of Social Escorts

With my previous post going viral, I’m now going to talk more about social escorts in Singapore since it seems that you, my blog readers, are interested in reading more about this topic.

There is a very interesting video by Razor @ Singapore Press Holdings, in which they had interviewed a local SG girl who works as a social escort model. Check out the full interview below.

Essentially, as Giselle has mentioned in the above video, social escorts really are like modern day geishas. The main purpose is companionship, entertainment e.t.c. If there were any bedroom activities that occurred, it would be the result of the escort and the clients’ own negotiation and free will, not part of the escort services. To understand more about modern day social escorts, you can just simply search for the history of Japanese Geishas. They are highly similar in nature.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good recommendation of a local social escort company, check out SG VIP Escort.

Social Escort Demand Rises In 2017 Singapore


Despite the supposedly gloomy outlook that the Singapore economy may be facing in 2017, demand for social escort services and agencies seem to be on the rise. Social escort services are usually engaged by wealthy individuals, and it seems that Singapore is still a hotspot for these high net worth individuals to invest, do business and have a good time as well.

As it turns out, Singapore is still a very good place for local and foreign investors to park their money and grow their wealth for wealthy individuals. Well known for stability and its low income tax, Singapore still manages to attract wealthy investors and businesses all over the world to set up shop locally, and thus many people still choose Singapore over other famous Asian investment hubs such as Hong Kong or Tokyo.

Many businessmen and investors who are in Singapore to manage their portfolio and businesses, like to enjoy themselves as well, and they usually tend to spend a lot of disposable income on leisurely fun such as the local MBS and Sentosa casinos as well as social escort girls.

One such reported interview was by Richard of SG VIP Escorts, a local social escort agency in Singapore ( Richard claims that, “Despite all the doomsday talk, Singapore is still an extremely attractive place for foreigners to park their wealth and enjoy their time while here, including hiring social escort services. Many high net worth individuals are highly successful and busy, but are lacking in the emotional end, and would thus want a gorgeous partner on their side from time to time.”

Most customers who engage SG VIP Escorts’ services are local and foreign businessmen and investors who are looking for someone to spend time without any emotional strings attached, as many are businessmen on the roads, and spend very little time on things other than their career and businesses.

Well, what can I say? Everyone needs a little love in their life, even if it’s a temporary one from a social escort.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below, or shoot me an email at

Is It Harder To Date In Singapore?

Many men seem to have the sentiment that it’s far harder to date a girl in Singapore than most other countries in the world, and this is not without reason.

First of all, due to the conservative nature of Singaporeans and Chinese in general (which makes up the majority of the population in Singapore), Singaporean girls are extremely conservative when it comes to responding to men approaching them for a date. This means that many women in Singapore will instinctively reject you or act extremely coy when you ask them out on a date. Some of them do it so extremely that many men in Singapore are actually single for their entire lives.

Second of all, men are disadvantaged in Singapore. Women of the same age will join the work force or be able to start their own businesses at least 2 years before men because of the mandatory NS term of 2 to 2.5 years for men. This means that most women look down on men of the same age (yes I’m politically incorrect, who cares). Therefore, men find it very difficult to woo women of the same age. That’s not a big issue for men who enter university where girls are two years or more younger, and the men can usually find a girlfriend. However, it’s difficult for men who have not found a girlfriend before they entered NS, and are now in the work force and not in universities. Many of these men go on to be single for the rest of their lives.

Third of all, dating in Singapore is very expensive. It costs a lot to settle down in Singapore. Even if you were to eat cheap food all day long, you still need to buy at least one house – or in Singapore’s case, a miserable little flat called HDB. They are so small and it’s basically a lease as you only have it for 99 years maximum and yet they cost upwards of $300,000. Yes you read that right. You don’t even own the house. That’s basically the cheapest type of house that a man looking to start a family can purchase in Singapore. If you want a family car, it will cost you approximately $100,000 to own a lowly Toyota. That’s how incredibly expensive the essential stuff in life in Singapore is. Only food is cheap.

With all of the above reasons, there is no wonder that poorer men are finding it difficult to date and marry in Singapore, while richer men would rather spend the money on escorts since a long term girlfriend turned wife will probably end up being a gold digger anyway.