Why would people seek courier services in Singapore?

In my previous post, I talked about courier services from the perspective of the business owner / employer. Specifically, I touched on the points about why people would consider starting a courier business in Singapore. In this post, I am going to the other side of the story, considering courier services from the perspective of the consumers. Why would consumers seek courier services in Singapore?


Singapore is a very small city. It would take about an hour of drive just to get from one end to another in Singapore. This shows that it will be quite easy for anyone to travel and send a package themselves in Singapore. Why would anyone still order courier services? Below are some common reasons why people choose to do it.

1. They hate the traveling
Some people just hate to travel. The hot and humid weather in Singapore does not help either. Hence, they would rather stay under shelter such as staying in the office and get another person to send an item on his behalf. If the consumer does not have a car and the only other option besides getting a courier is to take the public transport to deliver the items, he will have a higher preference to engage courier services.

2. They are too busy to deliver the items themselves
Some people are just too busy. I mean – most working professionals are. Most working professionals are too busy to even leave their office for anything; they are covered under piles of work in the office. If they have any thing that needs to be done that requires them to leave their office (such as needing to deliver an item), they will simply outsource it instead. Courier services are very convenient for the working professionals. The customers do not need to leave their office at all. The couriers will fulfill the delivery door-to-door.

3. They are smart in managing their time
Smart people knows how much their time is worth. If he can generate more money in the time needed to deliver the item than the cost of the courier service, he will simply just engage the courier service. Overall, he will achieve a net gain.

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