Courier businesses in Singapore should get more feedback

Singapore courier businesses should get more feedback from customers. Customer feedback is very important to help the companies determine the areas they should improve on. This will allow the companies to continually improve their products and services to cater to the customers’ growing demands. Only this way the companies will be able to attract more new customers and to retain more old customers with them. Customers should never be ignored. In this aspect of getting customer feedback, I would say a lot of the courier companies in Singapore are not handling it well.

There are of course, some courier companies in Singapore that are very proactive in getting customer feedback. These companies are usually the ones which are performing better and getting a bigger market share. Contrary to popular belief, businesses do not have to spend a bomb in getting customer feedback for their products and services. Here are some ways the smarter courier companies are doing in Singapore.

Social Media Platforms

Smart courier companies like PCA Masters tap on social media to interact with their customers. Apart from reaching out to customers, the social media platforms allow the customers to provide feedback to the company too. For instance, PCA Masters Pte Ltd have their own Facebook page which allow anyone from the public to leave comments on their Facebook wall. Public comments about the company are made visible to everyone. It seems like PCA Masters have their own social media team to manage the social media platforms as well as I can see that customers’ comments are replied to in a very short amount of time.

Feedback form on website

Another inexpensive way of getting customer feedback is to put a customer feedback form on the company website. This will generate another avenue for customers to give feedback to the company. Different customers prefer to give feedback via different ways. It is crucial to provide them with various methods and let them choose whichever method they want to use to give their precious feedback to the company.

Phone calls
Short calls can also be made to the customers to ask for feedback after the whole operations have been done. This requires more effort but will reach out to customers who are lazy to provide feedback. Sometimes, these feedback may tap on the minor details but the minor details are the ones which matter.

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