Attracting the best employees for Singapore courier companies

Talent is crucial for the survival of the firms. The companies with the best employees in the market tend to edge out the competition and survive the longest. Are courier companies in Singapore attracting the best talent in the market? This may be difficult considering that most people in Singapore wants to work in the more prestigious sectors such as law, banking, and accountancy. Working in a courier company will not get them the payout that they can get in the more prestigious sectors.

While understanding that the courier industry may not necessarily get the best minds across all industries to join them, it is still crucial to attract the best employees out of the workforce interested in working for the courier industry. There are various ways courier companies in Singapore can attract the best talent to their companies.

1. Be active looking out for talents
spot talent

Advertise the job availability to the market via many online job portals. Let the job seekers know about the existence of the courier companies and the jobs. Also, the courier company can create a page on Linkedin just like what PCA Masters did – Drivers may not create Linkedin Profiles and look for jobs there. However, the managers and supervisors might. Thus, Linkedin advertising is more for attracting the higher-level employees.

2. Devise a good employee benefit program
employee benefit in courier company

Create a good employee benefit program for the employees. Things such as personal insurance, accident insurance, annual leaves are necessary. The courier companies will need to think of better welfare for their employees. Perhaps free medical and regular staff outings? Different companies will have different approaches of doing this.

3. Let the employee feel empowered

Employees like to feel empowered. This way, they will feel a sense of responsibility towards the company. I’m not saying to delegate the important decision making to them. However, some lower level decision making activities such as whether to refund the customer for a bad job done can be passed on to the couriers on the ground.

There are other ways one can attract the best talents to a company. The 3 points above are just a simple guide.

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