A Brutally Honest Review Of PCA Masters Courier In Singapore

If you have ever searched for a courier company in Singapore, chances are, you must have stumbled upon a company called PCA Masters. You basically see their advertisments everywhere and marketing campaigns everywhere. As they claim, many corporate customers love to sign up with them. Being a skeptic, I always try something out for myself before trusting fully. Therefore, just not too long ago on Thursday 6 October 2016, I tried out PCA Masters’ courier services (they do local courier service in Singapore).

Ok, so this is the process I experienced:

– I went to their website, and clicked on the contact form. I saw a contact number there, 6681 5781, and hence I immediately picked up my phone and called them. Within less than 2 rings, somebody picked up my phone (yay, no automated lines), and I was on the line with a customer service support officer named Ben.

– I simply told him that I needed a courier service, and he asked me for the pick up and delivery details. I told him that I actually preferred ordering online as I was not too sure about when my documents would be ready (to see what’s his reaction). To my surprise (because most ‘customer service officers’ from other companies don’t really care), he showed me the website ordering link, and guided me throughout the entire process even though I was not 100% sure at the beginning. After a step by step guide by Ben, I understood how to order and it was really easy.

– In 1 minute, my order was processed, and as promised by Ben, my courier came to my pick up point and picked up my small package (some paper wrapped in a box LOL) and delivered it. Although I only requested for same day delivery before 6pm, around 3.43pm on the same day (6 October), I received a phone notification. I opened it up and saw an email notification by PCA Masters showing my consignment note received by my recipient (yes, my parent’s place). Indeed, the package has been received in its original condition by my parents.

WOW. Is all I can say. I mean, I was so used to hassles and worrying about my deliveries, but I think with PCA Masters I can just put my mind to ease.

In case you are reading this and STILL have no idea who I am referring to, check out them here: http://www.pcamasters.com/

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