How To Find A Local Social Escort In Singapore?

Are you a man who’s desperately looking for a true, blue Singaporean social escort girl? Are you tired of ordering escort services promising a local Singaporean girl but end up with a ugly and fat lady from one of the neighbouring South East Asian countries like Vietnam or Thailand? Have you been cheated by ads on Craiglist or Skokka where NONE of the girls look like the advertised photographs? Then read on.

This article shows tips to help you find a guaranteed local Singaporean girl. If you are starting to despair and think that local social escort don’t exist, you are IN luck, because I am here to share with you by exact secrets how I have managed to find local Singaporean girls to date!

Most men in Singapore and tourists or expatriates to Singapore want to date a Singaporean social escort. Young Singaporean girls are very attractive to men all around the world.

So how do you date a local social escort in Singapore?

The answer to finding a local girl is actually far simpler than you may suspect despite how hard it may feel.

Look, I got this Twitter page of a legitimate, local social escort agency which specializes in local Singaporean girls.

How did you think I was able to find them so quickly?

The easiest way is to simply only search for registered social escort agencies in Singapore. All registered social escort agencies must only hire Singaporean ladies or women with permanent residences in Singapore.

Tada! Oops, now the cat is out of the bag.

Yes, the simplest and guaranteed way to engage a local social escort is to find a local agency, and not independents. Independents have a 99% chance of posting a fake photo online. There are literally no local independent escorts when it comes to Singapore. Most are Vietnamese, Thailand or such girls posing as locals. Most are cheats. Singaporean girls are very privacy conscious, and would gladly work as an escort but definitely want to hide behind the privacy of an agency.

Is there a registry of such agencies? Unfortunately there isn’t. But thankfully, there is Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. A quick search on any of them will quickly bring up agencies’ websites. From there on, check if they have a registered company number (known as registered Unique Entity Number in Singapore). If they do, it means they are a legal and registered company. Engage their services only, and you are literally guaranteed to meet a local Singaporean lady!