Are Young Singaporean Girls Materialistic?

It is generally well known that ‘city girls’ are more materialistic in nature than ‘village girls’, and the reason for that is because of the more expensive standard of living in places such as Singapore, as well as the high numbers of competitors (other men) competing for the same women. This is even more so the case for gorgeous women.

However, that’s the general consensus, but is it really true in Singapore as well? Are younger Singaporean girls very materialistic? Let us take a deeper look into this issue.

1. Do Singaporean girls really need their boyfriends to have the 5 Cs, namely, cash, condo, credit card, car and country club membership? The truth is, that’s just a saying. If you look around, most men in Singapore don’t have all 5 of those things. This means that their wives probably don’t care about those. However, if you want a really pretty wife, you better get at LEAST all 5 Cs.

2. Do Singapore girls want to be ‘tai tais’? Yes, the truth is that, every woman in Singapore wants to be a tai tai. Whether or not she can be one is a different issue altogether, as not every woman in Singapore is capable of snagging a rich man to take care of her and her lifestyle. Of course, the gorgeous ones have no problems doing so, but tough luck for the rest.

3. Many girls in Singapore actually want to be sugar babies. ‘Tai tais’ are just the wife versions of sugar babies. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a sugar baby or tai tai, after all, who doesn’t want to make more money easily when you are beautiful? I can’t blame those girls, it’s their life, their choice. None of yours or my business. If they are beautiful enough to be social escort models or sugar babies, more power to them! They deserve to be paid for their beauty. Of course, if you’re looking to date a beautiful woman in Singapore, you can book a social escort from

In conclusion, I will say that most average looking and average qualities women in Singapore are actually not materialistic. However, the prettier they are, generally speaking, the more materialistic they get. However, this is definitely the case in most cities around the world – it’s simply supply and demand. Basic economics.

What do you think? Or are you triggered by my thoughts above? Let me know in the comments section below!