Interview of Social Escorts

With my previous post going viral, I’m now going to talk more about social escorts in Singapore since it seems that you, my blog readers,¬†are interested in reading more about this topic.

There is a very interesting video by Razor @ Singapore Press Holdings, in which they had interviewed a local SG girl who works as a social escort model. Check out the full interview below.

Essentially, as Giselle has mentioned in the above video, social escorts really are like modern day geishas. The main purpose is companionship, entertainment e.t.c. If there were any bedroom activities that occurred, it would be the result of the escort and the clients’ own negotiation and free will, not part of the escort services. To understand more about modern day social escorts, you can just simply search for the history of Japanese Geishas. They are highly similar in nature.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good recommendation of a local social escort company, check out SG VIP Escort.