Is It Harder To Date In Singapore?

Many men seem to have the sentiment that it’s far harder to date a girl in Singapore than most other countries in the world, and this is not without reason.

First of all, due to the conservative nature of Singaporeans and Chinese in general (which makes up the majority of the population in Singapore), Singaporean girls are extremely conservative when it comes to responding to men approaching them for a date. This means that many women in Singapore will instinctively reject you or act extremely coy when you ask them out on a date. Some of them do it so extremely that many men in Singapore are actually single for their entire lives.

Second of all, men are disadvantaged in Singapore. Women of the same age will join the work force or be able to start their own businesses at least 2 years before men because of the mandatory NS term of 2 to 2.5 years for men. This means that most women look down on men of the same age (yes I’m politically incorrect, who cares). Therefore, men find it very difficult to woo women of the same age. That’s not a big issue for men who enter university where girls are two years or more younger, and the men can usually find a girlfriend. However, it’s difficult for men who have not found a girlfriend before they entered NS, and are now in the work force and not in universities. Many of these men go on to be single for the rest of their lives.

Third of all, dating in Singapore is very expensive. It costs a lot to settle down in Singapore. Even if you were to eat cheap food all day long, you still need to buy at least one house – or in Singapore’s case, a miserable little flat called HDB. They are so small and it’s basically a lease as you only have it for 99 years maximum and yet they cost upwards of $300,000. Yes you read that right. You don’t even own the house. That’s basically the cheapest type of house that a man looking to start a family can purchase in Singapore. If you want a family car, it will cost you approximately $100,000 to own a lowly Toyota. That’s how incredibly expensive the essential stuff in life in Singapore is. Only food is cheap.

With all of the above reasons, there is no wonder that poorer men are finding it difficult to date and marry in Singapore, while richer men would rather spend the money on escorts since a long term girlfriend turned wife will probably end up being a gold digger anyway.